Mojang introduces maps to the Minecraft playerbase through a humorous trailer.

Though Markus “Notch” Persson already revealed that maps would be coming to Minecraft, they haven’t been shown off in motion until now. Instead of just giving us a tech demo of the feature to be added in Minecraft update 1.6, Mojang put a little personality into the latest trailer.

The trailer references Tom Hanks movie Cast Away where the star is stranded on a desert island and turns a volleyball named Wilson into his only friend. It would have taken just 8 pieces of paper and a compass for Hanks to find his way home, or at least to perhaps find another air-filled friend.

When players hold a map, they simply need to look down to see its updated progress. Just don’t forget to look up from time to time to watch for Creepers, and for goodness sake don’t throw your map in a fire!

The full change list for Minecraft update 1.6, which is mostly a bug-fixer, can be found here. Notch writes that it’s set to go live sometime this week. After 1.6, perhaps we’ll see the sky dimension?

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