Molyneux Enjoys Appealing to People’s Dark Thoughts With Milo


It might be impossible to do anything inappropriate with Lionhead’s virtual boy Milo, but Peter Molyneux is pleased you thought of it anyway.

If you watched the Milo & Kate video from E3 last year and quirked an eyebrow at the idea of forming a close relationship with a young boy, don’t worry, because you’re not alone. In fact, Molyneux rather enjoys the fact that Milo makes people think dark thoughts, because he likes the idea of being contentious.

Molyneux says that what he looks for in drama and story is a certain uniqueness, and he thinks that it’s good to be contentious every once in a while. “I actually love that,” he said. “The idea of being so contentious that it makes people turn around and say, ‘You can’t do a story about a boy.’ But, for me, doing that in that way is absolutely right.”

He acknowledges that this approach does present challenges however, and will be one of the main obstacles to seeing some version of Milo & Kate released. But at the moment, that’s still a long way off, as Molyneux says that he thinks of the game as a “very, very big tech demo” for Kinect, rather than a commercial product. It seems unlikely though, that Milo & Kate will actually have any contentious content in it if/when it’s released. It’s one thing for the game to quirk eyebrows conceptually, but there’s not going to be anything even vaguely inappropriate in there, for fear of a PR backlash.

Source: USA Today

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