Peter Molyneux, Fable creator and Maker of Promises, thinks Grand Theft Auto V‘s record-shattering sales this week are “not impressive.”

There must be a party in the Rockstar offices right now, as the launch of Grand Theft Auto V proved to be an unprecedented success. The game made over $800 million just from day one sales, and the next two days crossed the threshold of $1 billion in sales. But is this enough to impress Fable creator Peter Molyneux? No, apparently it is not. In a speech at a Mobile Entertainment conference Molyneux remarked that GTA V‘s sales are less impressive than those of some mobile games.

“The newly released Grand Theft Auto V is a game that’s everywhere, you can hardly avoid it. It will achieve around $1 billion in revenue on consoles in just one month. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? No. That’s not impressive.” It’s worth noting that Molyneux’s benchmark of a billion dollars has already been met, in 10% of his predicted time.

“What is outstandingly impressive is the success of mobile companies like Supercell, who has released games including Hay Day and Clash of Clans. Those games, which were released 18 months ago, are achieving revenue between $3 million and $5 million each day. That is impressive.”

Alright, we get it – when you’re giving a speech to mobile developers, you have to talk up mobile games. Supercell’s sales figures are indisputably impressive, Molyneux’s right about that. But at the same time, you probably don’t have to dis the new fastest-selling entertainment product is history to get that point across.

Source: Mobile Entertainment

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