Molyneux: Projects Need To De-Risk


Lionhead boss and creative director for Microsoft Game Studios Peter Molyneux says that the gaming industry has a lot to learn about handling risks.

Peter Molyneux believes that developers and publishers need to learn how to ‘de-risk’ projects to make them more attractive to investors: “If that means doing user research before you kick off a project, making demos or flavor videos, or locking people in a room and brainstorming them until they understand the concept in order to take that element of risk away – so be it,” he said.

Molyneux thinks that developers need to have a very clear message when they look for investment. “If you want to create something, invent something, do something new, then you’ve got to realize you’re investors need to have the comfort to make that investment.”

He uses the television industry as an example of an industry that knows how to handle risky ventures, citing the show Dexter as one that seems like a hard sell on paper, and yet has gone on to receive critical acclaim and win numerous awards. “You can look at [The TV] industry. It costs millions of dollars to make the shows, but they can still make a series about a mass murderer, or undertakers, or whatever you decide to choose and make them a success.”

Source: GamesIndustry.Biz

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