Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is about to receive an update that will allow the game to be played entirely on the Wii U Gamepad.

Come April 15 those of you addicted to Capcom’s phenomenal Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be able to finally ignore your HDTVs in favor of the Wii U’s primary controller. Not only that, but the imminent update also adds cross-region online multiplayer to the title, further expanding the potential pool of would-be Deviljho slayers you might enlist to aid you in your quest to craft ever more elaborate corpse-based equipment.

Capcom seems very excited about this update, to the point where the Capcom Unity announcement includes a specific time at which the update will be released. Actually, make that two specific times, thanks to that cross-region functionality I just mentioned. Those of you living in the Pacific Daylight Time zone will be able to download the update at 5PM on April 15, while those within the region known as the “Central European Summer Time” zone should expect the patch at 2AM on April 16.

Those of you familiar with how time zones work may have realized that these two moments actually represent a simultaneous launch for the update, so don’t worry that people on the opposite of the globe will be able to hunt beasties on the Wii U Gamepad before you; everyone will have an equal chance to experience this new pseudo-portable version of the game.

While this is undoubtedly great news, after spending dozens of hours with every iteration of the game, I’m still convinced that the optimal control scheme for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate involves a big, 1080p-capable HDTV and a Wii U Pro Controller. That said, whichever control/game solution works best for you is totally viable, so if hunting on the Gamepad appeals to you, by all means enjoy it. Just make sure you bring plenty of Whetstones.

Source: Capcom Unity

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