A new trailer for Dragon Age: Origins is something of a departure from previous materials, and is causing some concern amongst fans.

What says ‘fantasy epic’ more than sex, violence and an alt-metal soundtrack? The new trailer, released on YouTube yesterday, is a markedly different tone than previous promotional materials and some fans are worried that it is a sign that Bioware’s new RPG has been ‘dumbed down’ for a wider audience.

The new trailer is certainly in the ‘300’ vein, and does seem a little at odds with a game billed as the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate. So is this simply a case of a marketing move gone awry, or the sign of something more insidious?

Well, according to Bioware, it’s just marketing. In the official Bioware forum, David Gaider, one of the writers of Dragon Age had this to say in response to criticism from the community: “[Marilyn Manson] is not in the game. That said, is it such a crime to try to appeal to different kinds of people? … We are going to try and sell as many different kinds of people on the game as we possibly can — if the idea is that a game’s success ruins the exclusivity you’ve built up in your head, that we’ve dared to approach the hoi polloi with the idea that there’s something for them here, too… surely you don’t mean that?”

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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