Paris-based developer and publisher Monte Cristo has unveiled Cities XL, a city building simulator that promises to be bigger, more realistic and more sophisticated than ever before.

Players will be given a realistic three-dimensional map on which to build their cities, making use of unique structures and monuments based on American, European and Asian architectural styles. Different landscape features like mountains, canyons and islands blend with climates ranging from Mediterranean to desert to present players with new challenges in every city they build. Social services, leisures activities, special events, employment opportunities and other aspects of everyday life must be properly blended in order to keep the citizens happy and ensure a vibrant and growing city.

“We believe that the level of detail and realism brought to Cities XL answers the needs of city-builder fans,” said Monte Cristo COO Jérôme Gastaldi. “We believe fans of the genre will definitely enjoy Cities XL and many of those fans have provided us with feedback on our development so far. We are really proud to have such a cool and proactive community.”

Cities XL will also offer an online component, allowing gamers to create interconnected cities on virtual persistent planets. Inter-city trading and economic specialization will allow for the creation of sprawling megacities, while events like concerts held in one city may be attended by visitors from other areas.

Cities XL is currently in development exclusively for the PC, with release set for sometime in 2009. More information is available at

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