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Morbid Metal is a third-person roguelite that looks like a cross between Bright Memory and Devil May Cry — and it’s almost entirely made by one person, Felix Schade. A Morbid Metal Steam trailer for the Risk of Rain 2 and NieR-inspired action adventure debuted today and brings heavy metal alongside all the robotic hacking and slashing. It’s brutally fast-paced, with players able to increase their potential damage output through the ability to shapeshift between four different characters in real time.

Each playable build has unique abilities and advantages to learn as the game progresses through its semi-procedurally generated world, and the combat system will enable players to execute combos with style. There will be bosses to fight and more biomes than the jungle settings we’ve seen so far as well. If you like what you see here, Schade provides regular updates about the game on Twitter. A January 2021 video showed how that shapeshifting feature works with a look at a placeholder character.

Morbid Metal currently has no release window, but it can be wishlisted at its new Steam page and the trailer is available below to enjoy. If you want yet one more difficult game with permadeath in your life, this could be the one.

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