Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is a horrorpunk action RPG developed by Still Running and published by Merge Games. If you’re in search of a Souls-like title bursting in Lovecraftian lore and pixelated gore, you’re in for a treat.

As the game begins, a sliver of backstory explains that you are the last surviving Striver of Dibrom, and you’re ultimately tasked with defeating the Seven Acolytes. Although you’ve been training your entire life to slay these powerful beings, challenging foes and minibosses won’t go down without a fight. It’s up to you to overcome these obstacles, master combat, and improve your gear if you aim to destroy all who oppose you.

Ultimately, Morbid: The Seven Acolytes is a perfect entry for those interested in the Souls-like genre. It offers some fantastic combat, an impressive collection of weapons, and a grim Lovecraftian adventure. Weak implementation of Stamina and Sanity mechanics can bog things down a bit, but if you can overcome that hurdle, this game offers a satisfying journey worth the travel. It’s available now for $24.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam but is currently 20% off on most platforms.

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