Square-Enix has pulled out all the stops for the voice work in PSP title Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, including sci-fi legends Mark Hamill and Leonard Nimoy.

Square-Enix and Disney have together spared no expense on the voice acting in the Kingdom Hearts: One look at the gamesrespective IMDB pages will tell you that. For the PSP action title Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, the situation is no different – though Squeenix has added some geek icons to the mix.

According to MTV Multiplayer, Birth by Sleep – which now has a North American release date of September 7, 2010 – will feature the voice talents of Mark Hamill, Willa Holland, Jesse McCartney, Leonard Nimoy and James Woods, just to name a few.

While there is no mention of what roles some of these actors will be portraying – though you can hear Nimoy in the trailer above as some angry bald dude – it’s a safe bet to assume that Woods will be reprising his role of Hades from Disney’s Hercules, and that McCartney will be doing the same as the character of Roxas (and newcomer Ventus).

“The entire development team is extremely happy to announce the North American release date for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep,” said Square-Enix head honcho Tetsuya “Belts N’ Zippers” Nomura. “We hate to keep fans waiting, but we’ve added some brand-new features for the North American version, so even those who have been following the Japanese version are sure to find a few surprises. In addition, we’ve put together an outstanding voice cast.”

Outstanding indeed. Mark Hamill is an incredible voice actor – seriously, would you have known that same man could pull off both Luke Skywalker and the goddamn Joker?! – and Leonard Nimoy is … well, he’s Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy is also retiring from his acting career soon, so this may well be one of our last chances to see (er, hear?) Mr. Spock in action.

I’ve given up trying to follow the Kingdom Hearts storyline after the second game, but hey – the series has sold 14 million copies around the world, so it must be doing something right.

(PR Newswire via MTV Multiplayer)

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