European gamers pining for more opportunities to irradiate their buddy’s giant robot with a laser will soon have their desires realized.

Overturn, which will be coming to WiiWare in Europe, is a mecha battling game in the style of the Virtual On series. Players choose between one of eight different mechs, customize them with a weapon payload, pick a color, and enter a small, enclosed arena where they fight to the death. The game supports 12 different weapons and a number of different modes including two player deathmatch and four player battle royale, played either locally or over WiFi. The game additionally includes six single player tournaments that allow for the unlocking of more options.

Publisher Gamebridge is bringing Overturn: Mecha Wars to the London MCM Expo, which will be taking place in October. Gamebridge hopes the game can tap into the Japanese mecha fanbase.

“We are thrilled to be launching Overturn at the MCM expo, it is the perfect launch pad for this title as it attracts thousands of avid fans of all things Japanese, especially the Mecha fans. We hope this game will give a boost to not only Mecha fans out there but also to the WiiWare audience,” Gamebridge Product Manager Logan Gunasingham said in a press release posted on Gamebridge’s official website.

While Overturn will be receiving an English localization treatment, it is not confirmed if it will see a US release. With a translation readily available, it will certainly be an attractive option for American publishers also looking to capitalize on the mecha fanbase in the States.

Source: Gamebridge

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