MyFarm will give participants the power to live out their virtual farming fantasies through a real farm.

Thanks to the popularity of games such as FarmVille, it’s been determined that people love running virtual farms. The MyFarm project asks: Do they also love running real farms, virtually?

MyFarm is attempting to recruit 10,000 virtual farmers that’ll pay £30 ($50) per year to have a say in the production and operation of the National Trust’s Wimpole Estate farm located in Cambridgeshire, England. The Wimpole Estate comprises 2,500 acres of arable land, pasture, woodland, lakes and gardens. It currently produces meat, eggs, wheat, and the unfortunately named oil seed rape.

The goal of MyFarm is to reconnect the people that get most of their farming knowledge from FarmVille to the real world. It’ll allow participants to vote on every major decision made on the farm, including the crops planted, the stock of animals, the facilities invested in, and the machinery used.

In a way, MyFarm is tapping into the type of mind that enjoys FarmVille, but with real world consequences and matters to consider. You won’t be able to just plant crops of pineapples over and over to make a profit. To learn more about MyFarm, visit the project’s website.

Source: MyFarm

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