Game website IGN sets up an exclusive MySpace Video channel centered around game content.

Gamasutra reports that IGN and MySpace, both properties of News Corp.’s Fox Interactive division, are collaborating to create an IGN-labeled MySpace Video channel centered around video game reviews and interviews. This marketing push is part of a company-wide effort to add various News Corp. divisions onto MySpace, such as National Geographic, The New York Times, Reuters, The Daily Reel, Expert Village, Flow, Kush TV, LX.TV, Octane TV, Ripe TV, Studio411, and Young Hollywood.

An IGN representative revealed that the channel will feature “original video clips from the worlds of gaming, movies and television, including video game reviews; movie and game trailers; celebrity interviews, and behind-the-scenes features.”

Jeff Berman, General Manager of Video and SVP of Public Affairs for MySpace, stated, “The upcoming branded channel launch continues the growing momentum of MySpace Video. We’re empowering our partners to customize their own video channels and use them as hubs to create a niche experience for users. Today’s announcement is a sign of things to come for MySpace Video.”

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