Myst FPS first-person shooter Woe Industries Eric A. Anderson Cyan Worlds

The internet is full of garbage — just total nonsense that isn’t worth anyone’s attention. But sometimes, that garbage is pretty funny, and you end up sharing it with everyone you know. Today, we have such garbage for you. Myst FPS from Woe Industries is basically the video game equivalent of a sh*t post, taking static backgrounds from the legendary puzzle adventure game Myst and using them as the backdrop for incredibly crappy and uninspired point-and-click first-person shooting. It’s available to play (and waste your time with) at

There’s no moving around. You just shoot all the flying demons that appear on screen. Then you click one of the on-screen arrows to go to another static screen and shoot everything again. You repeat this formula over and over until you kill 100 enemies, at which point the game rewards you with a hilariously stupid message that we won’t spoil here. All the while, Doom music plays, but the word “Myst” is mixed into it in a rhythmic, hypnotic chant. Suffice to say, only the most brilliant imagination could have conceived Myst FPS.

This ultra-crappy first-person shooter take on Myst caught our attention because Cyan Worlds creative director Eric A. Anderson tweeted about it. Cyan is the actual, good developer of the Myst franchise, including the upcoming Riven remake, and Anderson has embraced Woe Industries’ Myst FPS as the “PERFECTION” that it is. Hey, if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for us.

For more of the Woe Industries catalogue on, you can check out diamonds in the rough like Job Hunt (“It’s like Duck Hunt but for Linkedin.”) and You Have Not Died of Dysentery (“THE OREGON TRAIL with new dysentery mechanics.”). I would really recommend against it though.

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