Name That Voice!

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Can you match the actor to the videogame role?

Acting for a living is a pretty sweet gig, at least once you make it to the ranks of TV and movie stars. The best actors can create a character with a lift of their eyebrow, a dip of their chin, or, like the ones featured in this quiz, a few spoken words.

This week’s quiz is all about those lucky stiffs who are TV and movie actors by day, videogame actors by night. Or, actually, more likely also by day, as they’re locked in a recording booth for 10-12 hours, doing their best to find 8 different ways to say things like “That’s gotta hurt!”

As always, you can take as long as you like to finish the quiz, and even take it several times if you’re shooting for 100%, but your cumulative time is what will affect your position on our leaderboards.

Aaaaaand…..ACTION! (Take the quiz.)

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