Naughty Dog Drops Uncharted PS4 Voice Actor, Loses Art Director

Todd Stashwick

Actor Todd Stashwick says Naughty Dog has opted to go with someone else for Uncharted PS4, while Art Director Nate Wells has moved on to Giant Sparrow.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it’s starting to look a bit like things aren’t going too well at Naughty Dog, the studio behind games including The Last of Us and Uncharted. In March, Uncharted Creative Director Amy Hennig left the studio, eventually joining with EA’s Visceral Games to work on its unannounced Star Wars project. Just a couple of weeks later Uncharted Game Director Justin Richmond departed for League of Legends developer Riot Games.

Today, two more high-profile departures have come to light: Nate Wells, the lead artist on The Last of Us, who has moved to Unfinished Swan studio Giant Sparrow, and Todd Stashwick, who very effectively voiced the January Uncharted PS4 teaser trailer.

Wells announced his move yesterday on Twitter, writing, “Hmmm… seem to be some threads here. Yes, I joined the wild, wacky, and ultimately brilliant folks at #GiantSparrow on April 3rd.” Stashwick, meanwhile, a classic “that guy” actor who’s immediately recognizable from at least two shows you’ve seen that you can’t quite put your finger on, confirmed with IGN that Naughty Dog “chose to recast my role.” Stashwick had previously tweeted that he’d been involved with the new Uncharted project for six months.

The change may have something to do with Hennig’s announcement earlier this month that Stashwick, apparently a man of many talents, has joined her as a co-writer on Visceral’s Star Wars project. Stashwick confirmed his participation the same day, saying that he is “beyond humbled and excited” to take part in it.

Source: IGN

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