Naughty Dog Founders Launch Flektor


Naughty Dog founders start a Web 2.0 content company.

Flektor, a user-generated content service, recently launched for public use after an extended beta testing period. The service allows registrants to mesh videos and images into “Fleks,” a mix of slideshows and videos, using Flektor’s online editing software. Those who already have image hosting accounts with Flickr and Photobucket are able to integrate their photos without having to transition them to Flektor’s servers. Online reviews thus far have been promising, ranking Flektor above similar products already on the market, such as Slide and RockYou.

Jason Rubin and Andy Gavin co-founded Naughty Dog, a studio responsible for original intellectual properties such as Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter, before leaving 2004 shortly after selling the studio to Sony. Jason Kay spent four years as a consultant with Home Box Office and manages investment firm Kay2 Ventures. Investor Skip Paul was once the president of Atari’s coin-operated division and met Rubin and Gavin while working at Universal.

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