Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica Still Working on PS4 Debuts


Naughty Dog and SCE Santa Monica have been quiet on the PS4 front, but rest assured, they aren’t slacking off.

The PS4’s release date looms ever closer, and its confirmed lineup has some big names on it. Still, a few developers were notably absent – namely, Sony mainstays Naughty Dog and SCE Santa Monica Studio. The two studios developed the Uncharted and God of War series, respectively, and fans have been waiting for the announcement of their next-gen debuts. Nothing has been revealed so far, but Sony’s Michael Denny says that both developers will be arriving on the PS4 soon enough.

“We didn’t announce their titles,” Denny says. “You know, the reality is that we announced a lot of triple-A, a lot of PlayStation first party and third party. I think [Naughty Dog and SCE Santa Monica Studio] have done some quite big games on PlayStation 3 recently, yeah? That’s why their PlayStation 4 debut will come a little later.”

Naughty Dog released The Last of Us in June and still supports it with multiplayer content, while SCE Santa Monica released God of War: Ascension in March. Trying to rush development of a next-gen game in time for the PS4’s launch window probably would have ended badly, so it’s fair to expect their next triple-A exclusives to take a little more time to create. Both are definitely working on something, though. Whether it’s more from Nathan Drake and Kratos or something else entirely, we’ll have to wait to find out.

Source: PlayStation Access

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