Naughty Privates Looks Doubtful for Xbox Live


Zombie Cow’s upcoming action game Privates gleefully goes where no game has gone before, which is precisely why it probably won’t be going to the Xbox Live Arcade after all.

Announced earlier this month, Privates will have players donning condom helmets and running around inside the vaginas of teenage British tramps, battling disease and infection wherever it may be found. (No, I am not making this up.) Zombie Cow planned to release the game on both the PC and Xbox 360, but the Xbox plan is starting to look iffy as Microsoft says the game’s content probably won’t pass muster.

“This game has not been submitted to our pre-publication peer review process, and it has not been approved for distribution on Xbox Live Indie Games,” explained Microsoft rep David Dennis. “We have guidelines in place that closely track requirements of content ratings boards worldwide and, among other things, prohibit the publication of strong sexual content.”

“While we haven’t seen this game, we can confirm that if it is consistent with the description we have seen on the Internet, this game would not pass peer review and would not be permitted to be distributed on Xbox Live,” he said.

Yet the game actually has an educational bent, according to Zombie Cow co-founder Dan Marshall, who said that while it’s obviously aimed at teenage boys, the studio is trying to broaden its appeal by making it entertaining and funny. “There was always going to be a risk it won’t pass peer review, but obviously we’ll do whatever we can to get the Xbox version out,” Marshall wrote. “It’d be a shame if a huge number of teenagers missed out on some quality gaming and vital education because of some abstract, cellular-level innards and pubic hairs.”

Privates is scheduled for release this summer.

Source: Seattle PI

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