NCsoft has announced a new content update for Dungeon Runners, including a new dungeon, items, interface modifications and a snowman named Bill.

The update will introduce Balzack’s Burrow, a loot-heavy new dungeon for character levels 55 and higher that will feature an ultimate boss battle that can’t be won through brute force alone. On top of that, 51 new quests have been added, along with two new fighter armor sets, new mythic items, a two-handed rifle for the Ranger class and upgrades to the game’s interface and waypoint system.

The new content will also feature Chill Bill, a powerful snowman and the first NPC who can be summoned by players to aid them on their quests. Available at level 30, Bill brings several specialized moves to the party, including the ability to freeze and slow enemies, and the head-butt, in which he takes off his head and uses is to clobber his opponents.

Shivery the Incorrigible Snowman will also be making a brief and bitter appearance in the game. Victimized by “dungeon warming,” Shivery is thawing into nothingness, but before he melts away he’ll set players off on a loot-filled quest, while simultaneously telling them, “Your parents don’t love you,” and, “You’re adopted.”

“I think that Dungeon Runners players will find these new features, especially the snowmen, as being pretty cool… literally,” said Dungeon Runners Producer Stephen Nichols. “We are always looking to create more ways for players to have fun while keeping the challenge compelling. Sometimes features can be a bit silly, but that is what makes Dungeon Runners so special.”

Launched in May 2007, Dungeon Runners is a fantasy-styled MMOG featuring both free-to-play and premium subscription options. For more information, head to

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