Nearly 40,000 Americans Working in Games Industry


According to a new study by CMP Game Group, there are over 39,700 people working in the videogame developing or publishing industries across the U.S.

Another 8100 are working in the same fields in Canada.

California has far and away the lion’s share of game industry employees in the U.S., with more than 46 percent. Trailing distantly is Washington, which holds nearly 12 percent of the nation’s game creation workers, and Texas, with around seven percent. Seven states have more than 1000 people employed in the industry; none of these numbers include people working in marketing, public relations, legal services, and other game-related fields.

“The game industry has long been asking for a census to better understand just how many people are creating games professionally in North America,” said Simon Carless of CMP Game Group. “It is our hope that the census and the information it provides can also help build the game business by connecting contractors and service providers with developers and publishers.”

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