This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Necromunda: Hired Gun.

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Normally I’d spend the first few lines vacillating around the point like a ballroom dancer trying to conceal their stiffy but this week we’re doing a shooter for big bloody burly types who like getting straight to the point and making loud noises when they lift heavy things. Grrrr. And you know what else big tough violence liking people like? Warhammer 40K, where only the hardiest warriors and most delicate miniature painting brushes can survive. Where Space Marines like tricked out walking Volkswagens lock sawtooth blades with intergalactic terrors while their all-knowing overseers argue over who’s got the most accurate tape measure. Necromunda: Hired Gun is a first person shooter set in the 40K universe, specifically on the planet of Necromunda, and I wonder why it’s taken so long for someone to set a first person shooter there. You know how planets in sci-fi always have a single theme, the desert planet, the ice planet, etc? Well Necromunda appears to be the First Person Shooter Planet. Since it consists entirely of brown industrial environments and there are only two jobs available: gunfighter, or whoever it is that carves skulls on everything.


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