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Last year Netflix touted that it would be dropping at least one movie a week throughout the year, and the streamer doesn’t seem to be slowing down for 2022. In a new preview trailer, Netflix gave a look at its upcoming 2022 movie slate, which includes, at the moment, more than 70 films ranging from Oscar hopefuls to holiday rom-coms and everything in-between. The trailer shows off the immense star power that the streamer has pulled in, not to mention the plethora of creative talent behind the movies.

Obviously, Netflix wants to make that recent price increase seem worth it so that people stay subscribed throughout the year. As such, it’s throwing a ton of money at films once again, and it really does show here. The Netflix 2022 movie preview trailer offers some major fantasy drops like The School for Good and Evil, which stars Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington with Paul Feig directing. There’s action galore, including the upcoming The Adam Project, The Gray Man from the Russo Brothers, Day Shift with Jamie Foxx, and Carter from Korean action master Jung Byung-gil.

Then you’ve got your family movies like The Sea Beast and My Father’s Dragon, from Cartoon Saloon (Wolfwalkers), not to mention sequels to a host of popular films like Enola Holmes 2 and Tall Girl 2. There are even two Adam Sandler movies that actually look good as the actor moves further away from dumb comedy: the basketball drama Hustle and the dark sci-fi film Spaceman.

That’s just scraping the surface of films that are launching and the talent behind them. It’s honestly a crazy amount of content from a who’s who of trending actors and directors. The real problem is so many films get lost in the shuffle with Netflix’s constant drops. The studio pushes out so much content that it is nearly impossible to keep up, even if your job is watching movies.

Netflix is seeing more and more challenges from other streamers that own the franchises that originally pulled folks to Netflix, so it needs this new content to survive and build its own brands. The goal is obviously to pull in more of the cultural hits that the streamer seems to land regularly (Tiger King, Squid Game, Red Notice), and the method is throwing everything and anything at the wall to see what sticks. This preview doesn’t even include any TV shows!

The majority of these films teased in the Netflix 2022 movie preview trailer don’t even have a release date yet, so stay tuned as full trailers drop and more info comes in.

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