The movie rental and streaming company is hopeful that it can improve its service, by making it every-so-slightly worse first.

If you’re the kind of Netflix user that watches as many movies and shows on DVD as you do via instant streaming, then things are about to get a little bit more inconvenient for you. Netflix is removing the option to add movies to your DVD queue from everywhere except the Netflix website.

In a post on the company blog, Netflix said that it was removing the option so that it could focus on the titles that were available for instant viewing, rather than those that weren’t. Netflix also said that the function tied up resources that it felt could be better used in improving the overall streaming experience. The post also noted that this would not affect most Netflix customers, as the majority already used the website to manage their DVD queue.

But while this change will mean nothing to a lot of subscribers, plenty of other users have expressed their dismay at Netflix’s decision. I must admit, making the service slightly less convenient for people seems like a backward step, but it seems like the kind of inconvenience that most people will forget quite quickly, if they even notice it at all.

Source: Dvice

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