Electronic Arts is getting ready to expand its two-player cooperative shooter Army of Two with the release of new maps and gameplay modes.

The Security and Strategy Corporation Challenge will have two teams of two facing off in an intense obstacle course, competing for the chance to join the SSC, the private military corporation featured in Army of Two. Players will have to work as a team as they race to finish the four new maps, with the team finishing with the most cash declared the ultimate Army of Two.

“We want to support our fans with new content that delivers on the two-man gameplay but with a unique twist,” said EA Montreal General Manager Alain Tascan, who also served as executive producer on Army of Two. “The SSC Challenge gives players a chance to test their skills in a different setting while retaining the action-packed co-op intensity that gamers have come to expect in Army of Two.”

The new SSC Challenge maps will be available in North America on April 24 via Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store for $7.50, while the European Xbox version will hit on the same day but won’t come out for the PlayStation 3 until May, and will cost € 4.75 (£ 3.80). For more information, check out EA’s Army of Two website.

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