There’s a dash of Need for Speed in there, too.

While DICE has us playing the waiting game for more Battlefield 4 DLC, EA and Visceral have a new look at Battlefield: Hardline’s urban- and chase-focused gameplay.

Headline jokes aside? Hardline certainly draws some influence from the likes of Fast & Furious, Need for Speed, and maybe a dash of Heat. Regardless of influence, Hardline is eschewing most of what makes the Battlefield franchise so popular (64-player combat, massive maps, military themes), for a very different look.

But it’s a look that could work. The smaller maps and team sizes could draw in those who desire a more intimate Battlefield experience (the Bad Company crowd, perhaps), and the “cops and robbers,” motif is sure to peel a Payday 2 fan or two away form Overkill’s online co-op classic.

I’m still spending plenty of time schlepping around Zavod 311, Operation Whiteout, and Rogue Transmission in BF4. But as the new challenger approaches, it’s hard to not have my interest just a little bit piqued at the thought of running around in a Dodge Charger-looking sedan, blasting away at the road block that lies ahead.

Source: Battlefield (YouTube)

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