New Doctor Who Trailer Promises Answers and Disaster


Quips, monsters, and falls from grace all have a spot in the sixth season of Doctor Who.

Even after hundreds of episodes, The Doctor – the almost titular star of the BBC sci-fi show, Doctor Who – still manages to keep a few secrets for himself. The upcoming sixth season, which is to say, the sixth after the show was brought back in 2005, promises to shed a bit of light on at least one of those secrets, although the price of knowledge might be steeper than anyone imagined.

The trailer lasts just sixty seconds, but crams in deserts, ghosts, a creepy puppet, and even creepier clown, gunfights and a giant pig monster in a hotel corridor. It also says that we will learn the identity of the mysterious River Song, someone who knows The Doctor very, very well, but thanks to the quirks of time travel, someone that he barely knows at all. It doesn’t look like this information is going to come cheaply however; in fact, it sounds quite the opposite. “This is The Doctor’s darkest hour,” says Song, played by British actor Alex Kingston, “he’ll rise higher than ever before, and then fall so much farther.” She then adds, “This is the day he finds out who I am.”

In the previous series, Song says that she once killed the best man she ever knew, with the implication that she meant The Doctor. Whether this is true and comes to pass in this series – and I hope not, because Matt Smith makes an amazing Doctor – or if it refers to someone else entirely, remains to be seen. Of course, thanks to the quirks of time travel, she could have killed a future incarnation of The Doctor, one that he hasn’t been yet.

Doctor Who season six starts on April 23rd.

Source: io9

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