Gearbox’s new footage of Duke Nukem Forever has everything you could want: crazy violence, delightful sexual content, and it’s all pretty funny.

Gearbox’s involvement with Duke Nukem Forever has generated a lot of excitement about the game, primarily because we know the damn thing is actually going to come out. Currently, Gearbox seems to be taking the project around the world to show it off to fans, which means that a new video of the game in action has surfaced from an event in Amsterdam.

The video’s pretty funny, actually, once you get past Randy Pitchford being obnoxious and spending two minutes telling the crowd how lucky it is to see the footage. However, after that, there’s about five minutes of actual gameplay to watch. It’s suitably over-the-top (just as everyone expects a Duke Nukem game to be), and the ending is a hysterical bit of self-satire.

So far, Duke Nukem Forever looks like it’ll be a great deal of fun when it comes out in 2011 for the PS3, 360, and PC platforms. However, Gearbox might want to consider only showing the gameplay next time … Pitchford’s attempts to amp up a crowd are cringe-inducing.


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