New Games Start Gamers Off Really, Really Early


KneeBouncers is a great way to get your kids into videogames as young as possible.

KneeBouncers is an interesting website thought up by a father of three that was sick of seeing his very young daughter left out while the older kids were having fun playing videogames. It’s full of free online flash games that are played using any keyboard input, so as long as a toddler can bash on the keyboard he/she can play.

KneeBouncers games range from educational to purely visual interaction, some teaching colors and words while others involve the game’s cast of characters jumping in puddles or performing in a circus. Input from the keyboard will cause an action on screen: moving a character around, playing a sound, etc. If you’re like me, your first thought went to the dreaded “ALT-F4” combination which normally closes programs, but it’s been smartly disabled.

I really love this idea as a way to get very young children used to the idea of technology and videogames. If I had young kids, I’d definitely sit them in front of these things and see how they liked them; it’s never too early to get their videogame addictions started after all. Parents can also download coloring pages of the KneeBouncers animals, and support the site by ordering merchandise with 10% of the profits going towards The Children’s Aid Society. Kneebouncers seems worth checking out for parents that don’t believe videogames are the devil.

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