Brazil doesn’t immediately jump to mind as a hotspot for gaming. Still, people have to keep themselves entertained somehow.

A new videogame console, aimed at middle class folks who find may have found gaming previously unaffordable, is set to hit the Brazil gaming market. Brazilian electronics entertainment company TecToy will be producing the gaming system, called Zeebo , next year.

Zeebo is expected to launch in Brazil next July for $599 (the equivalent of about $250 USD). Instead of utilizing discs or cartridges, the system will remain connected to a free, 3G network, and all of the games will be downloadable for between $10 and $30. Three of the four titles to come pre-installed on the system include Action Hero 3D, Evil Prey, and Quake. A total of 50 games are expected to be available by the end of next year. The digital only-delivery format is expected to cut down on software piracy, since the games cannot be copied.

According to its producers, the console is not meant to compete with the higher powered Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii. It will instead meet the needs of an emerging market niche of individuals who cold not previously afford pricey games or gaming systems. Hell, it’s no Gears of War 2, but game on Brazil!

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