New Jurassic World Trailer Breaks Out The Big Dinos


Jurassic World‘s new trailer gives us a clearer idea of what to expect: Rise of the Planet of Dinosaurs.

There was a lot to be excited about in the last Jurassic World trailer – like a functional dinosaur-theme park, genetic experiments, and Velociraptors teaming up with Chris Pratt. But the one thing it didn’t show was the new breed of dinosaur that threatens unsuspecting tourists – and it’s not just enormous, it’s intelligent to boot.

Guess what this trailer is about?

While still unnamed here, the video acts as an introduction to Jurassic World‘s new dinosaur – a genetic hybrid specifically designed to increase attendance to the park. Unfortunately, this new breed doesn’t behave in a way the park’s scientists predicted – it escapes its enclosure, tears out its tracking chip, and begins hunting the park’s largest herbivores solely for sport. But the real threat arrives when it learns how to communicate with the other dinosaurs, organizing a mass breakout in the middle of its busy season. In short, imagine Rise of the Planet of the Apes with dinosaurs instead of apes, and you’ll have a good idea what this trailer looks like.

Along the way, we also see Chris Pratt safely put himself in the path of Velociraptors, stating that humans must form relationships with dinosaurs instead of controlling them. (An interesting counter-point to John Hammond’s philosophy in the original movie.) At the same time, we also get great shots of other creatures at the park, and possible hints that the dinosaurs are fighting each other to take control. I don’t just mean the Velociraptors – I mean pterodactyls versus that one from the massive whale tank.

If all that interests you in any way – and by God I’d be concerned if it didn’t – you can watch Jurassic World in theaters on June 12, 2015.

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