New Official LEGO Minecraft Sets Leaked


The new LEGO Minecraft sets look a lot more impressive than the old ones.

When we last were promised LEGO Minecraft, the results were… not quite what we expected. While by no means bad, the official LEGO Minecraft sets were just a little bit lackluster. So last year, LEGO announced it was trying again, promising new, better Minecraft sets with actual minifigures, mine carts, and more. Now, thanks to a Russian retailer leaking early images of the sets, we know what they will look like, and I must say they certainly look a lot better than the old ones.

Check out the leaked images below:

As you can see, this time LEGO isn’t messing about. It looks like there will be a total of six new sets, each depicting a different aspect of Minecraft life, and each with it’s own collection of cool minifigures, ranging from “Steve” (with various different armor configurations) to Skeletons, to Sheep. Going by the pictures, it looks like each set will have multiple configurations, and in true Minecraft (and LEGO!) style, has an emphasis on encouraging builders to use the blocks to make their own creations.

The new images are full-scale LEGO sets, rather than the “micro” scale that the old sets were, and certainly look a lot more “Minecraft-y”. The “The End” set complete with badass LEGO Ender Dragon, and the mine set with what looks like a working mine cart, look especially cool.

These sets are currently slated for release in November this year, and should be available through various LEGO retailers. LEGO Minecraft always made perfect sense, and now it looks like we’re getting the sets we’ve been waiting for.

Source: Gizmodo

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