The Typhon Research trailer shows us a little bit more about the types of aliens we will encounter in Prey.

Prey, Arkane Studios’s upcoming soft-sequel-reboot to Prey, is a game about hunting aliens in a space station. Today, the developer has dropped a trailer showing us a little bit more about the actual aliens we will be fighting in the game, and what their abilities are.

First, we see the Mimic, the most basic of the Typhon lifeforms and about the size of a headcrab. The mimic possess the ability to camouflage itself as an inanimate object.

Next, the Phantom is the bog-standard trooper-style Typhon – humanoid creature that can either attack in melee with it’s morphing hands, or at range with a projectile orb. Think Vortigaunt, to continue the Half-Life comparisons.

Finally, the Telepath is a giant floating lump of matter with strong telepathic abilities. I guess this one would be Nihilanth.

The game launches on May 5 for PC, Xbox one and PS4.

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