Ubisoft announced the full contents for the new Players Pack Red Edition, a downloadable content package for Rainbox Six: Vegas exculsively available for the XBOX 360.

This package is scheduled to be available at the end of March, and will contain five new multiplayer maps and two new game modes.

Three of the new maps are brand new; they are called Doscala Restaurant, Marshalling Yard, and Roof. The other two maps are reworked and relit versions of the Bordertown and Killhose maps from the original version of Rainbox Six: Vegas.

The two new game modes can be played on all maps, original or new. The first new mode is Assassination Mode, where your Attackers’ goal is to eliminate a high-value ward of the Defenders, and the Defenders goal is to escort the VIP to his “extraction zone”. The second new mode is called Total Conquest, and is a team-oriented static control point mode where each team must activate and take control of at least one of three control points for a specified amount of time.

More information will be available closer to the release date of the Player’s Pack Red Edition.

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