New Reality Show Stars The Sims


What do you get when you combine The Sims with The Real World? The UK’s newest reality show.

Have you been just dying for a new reality show to come along? One based on a videogame? Apparently there’s a demand for this sort of thing, because UK broadcaster Channel 4 has started airing a new online series created entirely from content generated in The Sims 3.

The show’s called SuperMe, and is based around the concept of creating four Sims (“the SuperMes”) and filming the hijinks they get into. Each of these Sims was created with “detailed traits and ambitions” and the production team at Somethin’ Else then places the characters into specific scenarios, records the action as it unfolds, and edits the footage together with some accompanying narration.

According to Somethin’ Else CEO Paul Bennun (who spoke to Televisual), “[the show’s] incredibly moving and funny at times, and a true collaboration between humans and robots. We have become very attached to them.”

It’s really not surprising that someone is doing this, since it’s probably incredibly cheap to make a program where there’s no cast to hire, no sets to build, and only a few people needed to perform the filming/editing. Still, the claim that SuperMe is “moving and funny” seems a bit more like wishful thinking than actual fact at this point. What do you think?

Source: The SuperMes via Gamasutra

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