New RTS Elements of War Promises to Bring the Thunder


The Free-to-play RTS by Gamigo is shaping up to be Red Dawn with fewer teenagers and more elemental powers.

Jumping on the “America Invaded by Communists” plotline bandwagon currently ridden by a Red Dawn remake and Homefront, Gamigo has announced a new game, Elements of War Online, that will allow you to defend (or attack) America with the power of earthquakes, tornadoes, and storms.

The game will feature up to 8-player (4 on 4) battles in 50 different battle zones, pitting the Russian/European attackers against the Americans in tactics-heavy battles with fully destructible environments. Similar to how popular RTS Dawn of War 2 works, each unit will individually earn experience, learn new skills, and be upgraded with new equipment. 31 unit types will be available for each faction, with more factions in the works.

The main feature of the game will of course be the elemental weapons. Not much is known about how exactly these weapons will be deployed and how much of a game-changer they will be, but I would guess that as they feature in the title, they’ll play a pretty big role. After all, the ability to spontaneously summon massive tornadoes on your enemies is bound to change combat significantly.

The game will work on a free-to-play model, and will be entering beta later this spring. To pre-register, you can visit the site.

Source: IGN

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