New Skullgirls Fighter Brings Holiday-Appropriate Kink


Her name is Valentine, and she’s equal parts medical professional and sexually suggestive fetish object. What more do you want?

To be honest with you guys, I’ve never really understood the motivation behind the sexualization of nurses. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent enough time around the profession to realize that attractive, busty, sexually predatory nurses are the exception, rather than the rule. Or maybe I just don’t like the idea of scalpels getting anywhere near my sexy bits.

That said, I won’t hold it against you if the newest member of the Skullgirls cast totally gets you hot. That’s between you and the ghost of Alfred Kinsey.

Moving quickly away from your disturbing kink, let’s discuss the trailer itself. Yes, it’s heavy on the sexual innuendo, but more importantly it’s also a gorgeous reminder of the excellent animation in the upcoming fighter as well as its meticulous character and level design. That the game can compete with titles like Guilty Gear on a purely aesthetic basis should be a huge compliment to developer Reverge Labs. Doubly so, as everyone who plays the title in its current pre-release form comes away praising the fluid motion and rapid gameplay.

Sadly, Skullgirls won’t be released until the end of March when it lands on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Until then, I suppose you’ll just have to satiate your base desires by watching this clip on repeat.

Wait, lemme clarify that. Until then you’ll have to satiate your base desires for fisticuffs by watching the clip. Not those other base desires. Perv.

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