New Spelunky Speedrun World Record Clocks Under 2 Minutes


One YouTube user uses a deadly item in Spelunky to complete the game in one minute and 55 seconds.

YouTube user Pibonacci flirts with danger in Spelunky to set a new speedrun world record for the game. Pibonacci completed Spelunky‘s Olmec run in one minute, 55 seconds, and 353 milliseconds, beating the previous record of two minutes and one second by Twitch user Samots.

Pibonacci used Spelunky‘s teleporter, which allows players to skip ahead a few tiles in a direction, but missteps can send players into a wall, resulting in death. Along with a jetpack and a compass, some key items he grabbed early on, Pibonacci’s reflexes allowed him to set the new record. Rejoicing at the end, the German YouTuber noted, “What a day for Germany, I guess,” as Germany had just won this year’s FIFA World Cup.

Even though Pibonacci got lucky early on with the items he was able to grab, his mastery of the teleporter proved his reflexes are what saved him many times in this roguelike. Spelunky is a hard game to complete, and doing it so quickly takes a lot of skill and a lot of practice. The teleporter in particular is a punishing item when used incorrectly.

Be ready to turn down your speakers just before he completes the run. As expected, Pibonacci celebrates audibly.

Source: YouTube via Eurogamer

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