Square Enix, known for a stable of RPGs, is now throwing its hat into the genre of freaking weird.

A new WiiWare game coming out of Square Enix might be the oddest title the developer has ever created. Called Kumanage, it involves paper bears, candy, and children with creepy grins.

Translated by Andrisang, the game’s Japanese website describes Kumanage as a “throwing action game” set in a picture book. Players toss paper bears at objects onscreen to complete each level.

The creepy children come in with the game’s two versions: Kumanage: The Blue Gem that Kiina Hates — Battle Version and Kumanage: The Red Candy that Piina Likes — Puzzle Version. Kiina throws paper bears to protect his blue gem, while Piina is all about throwing bears to collect candy. It’s unknown what the paper bears actually do, but I know if a paper bear were thrown at me I would give up my candy pretty quickly.

It’s nice to see that the Japanese haven’t forgotten how to develop games that many would consider to be pretty weird. I wish I could explain why concepts that I can’t wrap my head around make me want to instantly hand over money, but they do.

WiiWare seems to be the place to deposit games like this and other oddities. Kumanage‘s site shows an “E for Everyone” rating by the ESRB, meaning this one will probably make its way out of Japan, so you’d better get your bear-throwing face on.

Source: Andrisang

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