Profiling the character class “The Bounty Hunter” for the upcoming Bioware MMO The Old Republic, this new trailer has jet-packs, grappling hooks, wrist mounted flamethrowers, and wonderfully gratuitous pew-pew.

As if I wasn’t salivating over The Old Republic enough, Bioware just had to tease us all with undeniably the most badass class in the game, the Bounty Hunter. The spring 2011 release date can’t come soon enough. Along with three other classes in the game, the Bounty Hunter will only be available to the Sith side of the galactic struggle at the center of the game’s story, with his Republic-aligned opposite being the Trooper.

Wearing heavy armor and wielding the most advanced weaponry, the Bounty Hunter is a one man army, sent to capture of kill powerful and highly-protected targets. The class can specialize into Powertech for enhanced defenses or the Mercenary for access to the most advanced weaponry in the galaxy. And hey, even if you find yourself in a situation that’s too hot even for you, you’ll be fine. You have a jet-pack.

The first thing that comes to mind watching the trailer is, of course, how great it will be to play Boba Fett on crack. The second thought, however, was how much the Bounty Hunter class reminds me of an evil Space Batman.

And I’m not sure which of those thoughts is more awesome.

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