Total War Warhammer is adding two new DLCs today – one paid and one for free.

If you’ve been playing Total War: Warhammer, today is bringing a bunch more content for you to enjoy. Even better, some of it is completely free.

First up is the new DLC The Grim & The Grave. The first Lords pack for the game, it adds to both The Empire and The Vampire Counts. Included are two new Legendary Lords, two new Lord types, five new battlefield units with variants, five new custom and multiplayer battlefields, and 18 elite Regiments of Renown.

Here’s the trailer for the new DLC:

Also releasing today is a free DLC that includes Vlad von Carstien, a new Legendary Lord for the Vampire Counts. He comes complete with his own skills and abilities, and he also has his own quest chain. Also included are five new battle maps.

If you’d like to see what The Grim & The Grave looks like in action, you can tune in to our Twitch channel for our streams, or you can watch our previous broadcasts of the new DLC.

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