New York Gamers Challenge You To Escape The Room IRL


No, this is not a point-and-click. Yes, they are legally obligated to let you out. Eventually …

Stuck in New York City with nothing to do? Take a trip up to West 39th and accept Escape the Room‘s challenge. You have one hour, and everything around you in this office space could be a clue. Solve the puzzles and get the heck out, because although Escape admits it’s legally required to let you out eventually, it doesn’t say when.

There are ten tickets on offer for each event, and the event runs from December 20th to January 12th, each Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Early birds get in at $20 a pop, plus fees, while regular tickets are $25 plus fees. Not that many people make it out; only 10% of those groups who go in figure out the cluemaster’s puzzles.

“Great event,” says attendee Isaac Palka. “Not easy either, we made it out literally in the last minute.”

The current escape record is 49 minutes and 45 seconds, but maybe you can top that. Only one way to find out!

Source: Escape the Room

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