Can little Jimmy use Kinect to play a sex simulation on his Xbox 360? No, but you wouldn’t know it from this news report from a CNN affiliate in El Paso, Texas.

Whether Microsoft approves of it or not, sex games that utilize the Kinect already exist. However, due to the nature of the software hack, it’s something that could only ever happen on the PC, not the Kinect’s native Xbox 360.

That’s just one of the many, many things wrong with this news story posted by an El Paso, Texas CNN affiliate. In it, five-year-old Edwin Valverde was given an “xBox 360 [sic]” and Kinect for Christmas, only for his parents to discover videos of the Thrixxx hack online.

“It’s inappropriate, especially when these games are geared towards younger children,” says Edwin’s mom Angelica. “You see the commercials on the Disney channel on [sic] Nickelodeon of course they’re going to want them.” That is, of course, assuming that the Thrixxx game was ever advertised on networks primarily angled at young children. Which is assuming that it actually saw mass market release, which is assuming it wouldn’t have an AO rating, which is assuming that Microsoft gave it the thumbs-up in the first place.

And that’s assuming that the kid’s parents actually bought it for him.

Though the article is filled with inaccuracies and plain ol’ misinformation, one of the most salient – and genuinely true – points was made to that effect by Martin Valverde, Edwin’s grandfather. “It all depends on the adult in the room, parental control is No. 1.”

I agree, Mr. Valverde. That’s a great point – it’s too bad that all most people read of the story will be the headline about the Kinect sex game existing.

Update: We originally reported that KFox was a Fox News affiliate. It is actually owned by CNN.

(Via The Examiner)

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