Nexon America Announces Mabinogi Open Beta


Nexon America has announced an upcoming open beta test for its free-to-play MMOG Mabinogi, scheduled to begin on March 5.

Already popular in Asia, where it has been operating since mid-2004, Mabinogi employs a 3-D art style based in Welsh and Celtic mythology. The game attracted over 30,000 sign-ups for its closed beta period, and the open beta will expand upon that by offering new areas to explore and new game skills including cooking, enchanting, meditation and musical composition.

The game’s distinctive combat system utilizes a “rock, paper, scissors” function, adding a new degree of complexity to in-game battles, while the game’s standardized time, which incorporates daily incentives for players who invest more time in the game, will also see avatars age and grow taller as they get older. Players can also increase their experience by taking jobs such as cooking, shearing sheep and other farming duties.

Mabinogi is currently scheduled for release in spring 2008. Gamers interested in signing up for the open beta test should check out

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