Next Wolverine Movie Is An Experiment, Says Director


The Wolverine director, Darron Aronofsky, thinks that the producers and the studio don’t realize how much of a gamble they’re taking.

Movies about reclusive mathematical geniuses, drug addicts and aging wrestlers might not sound like a great foundation for directing a superhero movie, but director Darren Aronofsky says that that’s actually part of the reason that he’s so excited about making The Wolverine.

Aronofsky said that he was eager to find out whether the way he makes films is compatible with something like a superhero movie. He said that usually the only person that really wanted to make his movies was him, so the experience of working on a project where everyone was excited about making it was a new one for him. He added that Fox had taken a big chance in hiring, and thought that it perhaps wasn’t aware of just how “gutsy” a decision it was.

He also offered a few snippets of information about what we can expect from the finished film. He reiterated that it was a standalone movie with no links to the previous X-Men or Wolverine movies, and said that it wouldn’t be the kind of film where things were exploding every five minutes.

I’m actually quite excited about this movie because it sounds like Aronofsky wants to do more with the character of Wolverine than have him slice up things with his claws. A tale of forbidden love and the bitter feud it causes, from a director with an eye for making dark, thoughtful pieces could be the best superhero movie ever made.

Source: Blastr

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