Nifty Split/Second Trailer Blows Up the City


The latest, all-in-game-footage trailer for Black Rock Studios’ destruction-happy, reality-TV arcade racer Split/Second is what Michael Bay would make, if Michael Bay made racing games.

For too long, racing games have gone under the axiom that if you use a weapon, the weapon has to come from your car. Oil slicks, Koopa shells, missiles, flamethrowers, banana peels – they’re all car-mounted devices of death. Not so much Split/Second, which turns the track itself into an implement of destruction.

And frankly, it looks really, really cool. My colleague Logan Westbrook got to check it out at PAX East, and he liked it, too. It ain’t Gran Turismo, but the handling is smooth, the tracks are well laid-out, and lots of stuff blows the hell up.

I don’t really like racing games as a rule of thumb, but consider me intrigued by this one. Split/Second is out May 18th, which means you’ll have a few days to play it before you all run out and pick up Mario Galaxy 2 on May 23rd.

(Via G4TV)

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