Nintendo isn’t planning on slowing down the Amiibo train, announcing plans to release 11 additional figures by February, 2015.

Update: Nintendo of America has confirmed that the 11 new Amiibos will launch in North America in February, 2015.

Source: Nintendo

Original Story: One of things Nintendo has really been pushing this year is its new Amiibo NFC figures. 17 figures are planned to launch either with Super Smash Bros. Wii U, or shortly thereafter as the 1st wave, and now, the company has revealed plans to release 11 additional figures by February, 2015 (at least in Japan).

Wave 2, which launches on January 22, 2015 consists of Lucario, Rosalina, Bowser, Toon Link, Sheik, Ike, Meta Knight and Dedede. Check out their amiibos below:

Wave 3, which doesn’t have a definitive launch date yet, should be released by the end of February, and contains just three characters: Sonic, Mega Man, and Shulk. Here’s some pictures:

The figures will retail in Japan for 1,200 yen – the same price as the 1st wave Amiibos. We’ve got no info on release dates or pricing for these guys in America, but you can probably assume they will launch around the same time, for $12.99.

While the Amiibos are most often associated with Super Smash Bros., they will have compatibility with other Nintendo games. For example, Nintendo recently outlined how the figures would work with Mario Kart 8.

Last we heard, Nintendo was also thinking about card-based Amiibos, and smaller, cheaper figures.

Source: Nintendo Japan

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