Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says that the industry needs to make more interesting games if it wants sales to improve.

The economic downturn is only partially to blame for the recent slump in the videogame industry, says Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. In his opinion, the remainder falls squarely on the shoulders of developers and publishers for releasing boring games.

“My belief is we should not blame the bad economy for the cause of slow sales of video games,” he said. “The slow sales must be due to the lack of great software that everyone wants to buy. We have not shown off the great attractions of whatever we are selling. This is not the problem of Nintendo alone, but the entire video game industry.”

Iwata said that the industry had to be very conscious of how people perceived it, and that new ideas could help expand the industry: “[S]omething that is really fresh can make our industry grow. The important thing we have to tackle is making attractive games and marketing them well toward the end of this year … It’s more difficult for us to come up with something new and different and show people how different we are. The whole industry has to recognize that.”

With both Microsoft and Sony now looking to attract a more casual demographic, the way the industry presents itself is likely to undergo some significant changes in the coming months. Hopefully this new focus will bring in the fresh ideas that Iwata, and plenty of others besides, believe are so important.

Source: Venture Beat via 1up

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