Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo has finally confirmed that production for the Wii U will end “soon”.

Last week, Eurogamer reported that the last Wii U was about to roll off the production line, which Nintendo of course denied. However, the Japanese Wii U website has just been updated to state that the console’s production will end soon in Japan, and a Nintendo spokesperson has told IGN that all Wii U’s that will be available in America this fiscal year have already been shipped.

“We can confirm that as of today, all Wii U hardware that will be made available in the North American market for this fiscal year has already been shipped to our retail partners. We encourage anyone who wants Wii U to communicate with their preferred retail outlet to monitor availability,” read the full statement.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Wii U page, while confirming that production of the console will end “soon,” does not specify when exactly it will happen.

These two things suggest that production may have already halted, as the original Eurogamer article stated. It’s not beyond Nintendo to deny things that are obviously true, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case.

So, if you wan’t a Wii U, now is the time to get one. Since they cost around $230 to make, don’t expect the units to be discounted any heavier than they already are.

Source: Destructoid

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