First seen for the US in a leaked GameStop advertisement, Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma confirmed the bundle will come to the US.

Gold is the standard for Legend of Zelda. Producer Eiji Aonuma spoke in a video announcing that the gold 3DS XL marked by the triforce for the Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds bundle will release for the US on Nov. 22 for $219.99.

Nintendo announced previously that the limited edition 3DS XL would head to Europe, but said nothing at the time about the 3DS XL for the United States. A leaked GameStop advertisement showed a Black Friday ad for the same Zelda 3DS XL. GameStop stated the leak that the ad was legitimate, but Nintendo still did not say anything on the matter until today when the company posted the announcement on YouTube.

“I am grateful for the fans supporting Zelda over the years,” Aonuma said in the video announcement. “Please enjoy Link’s new adventure with the gold system.”

The limited edition 3DS XL comes with a download code for A Link Between Worlds and launches on the same day as the game’s release. The system is gold on one side with the triforce and black on the other.

This is just the latest in Nintendo’s many limited editions for the 3DS. From Fire Emblem to Animal Crossing to Pokemon, Nintendo loves to give people pretty reasons to buy the handheld system.

Source: YouTube

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